Choosing an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

Choosing an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform: How to Decide between BigCommerce and Shopify Plus

Choosing the wrong enterprise ecommerce platform can have a huge impact on your website! How to decide between BigCommerce and Shopify Plus?


The question of what ecommerce platform to use is always been a hard decision to make, especially today, in the enterprise ecommerce era.

The enterprise-based ecommerce platforms don’t come cheap and they all require an amount of time and people to implement, use, and maintain. When choosing a platform it is essential for you to remain systematic and organized in your research. We all know that choosing the wrong enterprise ecommerce platform can have a huge impact on your website.

Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are two of the best ecommerce solutions on the market. Both are suitable for larger businesses and enterprises and can help you build, design, and run the website of your dreams.

The process of choosing a platform should be a group effort. Everyone in your team, from customer service to marketing, should give an opinion about which platform Shopify Plus or BigCommerce is a better option for your business.

Sometimes, it is necessary to bring in people from outside the company so you can get an objective feedback on what your business needs.

Understanding your requirements is important and here are some of the questions that need to be asked in your company to each department:

  • What are the main objectives behind re-platforming? (for example, improve scalability, reduce cost, eliminate vendor lock-in, become more agile or something else)
  • What are the key limitations of the current ecommerce platform? (it may be technical restrictions, time overheads, inability to scale, and etc.)
  • What are the critical features that your department needs? (for example, product setup requirements, system integrations, native subscriptions, advanced bundling logic, multi-store architecture, page building functionality, and more)
  • What are the key features that your department needs (more control over the back-end or front-end, more advanced personalization, the ability to support headless implementation, and etc.)
  • What are the preferred system integrations required?
  • What are the main operational requirements? (bundled products, configurable products, advanced subscriptions or something else)

Integrations, design and user experience, content management, catalog management & setup promotions, payments, marketing, and data imports are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise.

There you go – all the information you need to make the best decision!