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Enterprise Ecommerce Comparison: BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus

Having troubles choosing between BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus? This enterprise ecommerce comparison is created to help you make a better choice for you, your business, and your customers!


There are hundreds if not thousands of ecommerce platforms with different feature-sets, fee structures, target markets, levels of support, complexity, scalability, extensibility, and more. Choosing between these platforms is getting more and more difficult.

The process of choosing an enterprise ecommerce platform for your website can be complex. There are a few factors and information that need to be taken into consideration.

If you are having troubles choosing between BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus, maybe this enterprise ecommerce comparison can help you decide:

    • Shopify Plus: Ecommerce solution Shopify has been providing professional ecommerce services to retailers since 2004. Since the launch of ecommerce solution Shopify Plus, the platform has been gaining popularity and market share. This SaaS-based platform is popular among big brands and large companies. When compared to other enterprise ecommerce platforms, Shopify Plus has some advantages in terms of maintenance. The platform offers some reliable and robust third-party applications that can improve the functionality and performance of your website. The pricing starts at $2000/month. Shopify Plus integrates with Ryan Foster, WeMakeWebsites, Corra, Eastside Co, and others. Shopify Plus is a fully hosted platform meaning there is no need for hiring technical personnel or in-house team.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise: BigCommerce started as a platform suitable for small and medium-sized business, and it was in 2015 that new solution or BigCommerce Enterprise was first introduced. BigCommerce Enterprise is suitable for larger companies and enterprises. The platform has a powerful market share in the US and currently, they are considering the option to grow into the EU market. Whilst pricing for using BigCommerce Enterprise is not official (you need to consult with their representative and they will calculate the monthly fee for you, it is lower than Shopify Plus and can range from $500 to $15.000 per month. The platform has powerful native APIs, native integrations with marketplaces and social media platforms, B2B features, and native WordPress integration.

Both platforms have lots of similar and different features. Choosing an ecommerce platform shouldn’t be an easy decision, so don’t rash, analyze, compare, and make a smart choice. You know what your business needs and what is best for your customers. Take your time and decide whenever you are ready.